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Why Start A Podcast?

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Because, I have a lot to say! As you know, it takes a village to raise a child. I throw in my two cents on what I do that works for me and my family. Honestly, I am just a Mommy and a Mic! Maybe it will be new information, maybe you've heard it before but needed to hear it again. Either way, any busy Momma knows we learn through podcasts while we do the laundry, the dishes, the cooking. I know I do! I am hoping I can inspire you to eat better, do better, and live your best life! Welcome to my podcast.

In each episode, you will get to know a little more about me, my background, and what I am all about. Yes, I have decided to "put myself out there." It's all for YOU, my beautiful Mommas! Health, wellness, mom hacks, recipes, kitchen gadgets, shortcuts, natural cleaning solutions, and so much more.

Each episode, I will share with you one aspect of my life. A concept, a tool or shortcut that makes my Motherhood a little easier. I want to encourage other Mommas to be healthier, eat better. Elevate your culinary style but in a faster, easier way. Get tips on getting chores done more efficiently, without chemicals. How about a nugget of knowledge to help you feel good on the inside, calmer and more peaceful? Could we all benefit from more good stuff on our insides instead of the yucky goo we sometimes feel? All of this so you can get back to what is most important: spending more time with your family and feeling good about the job you are doing in your Mom Life. I hope you enjoy it. And please remember to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE, as I am just a newborn baby in the podcast world, trying to grow!

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