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Natural Beauty or Botox?

As promised, here is the list of 48 items most women use. Each * represents items that I DO use. As I said in the podcast, I have yet to find natural products for my hair and nails. But all others are organic in my household.

Also, remember to DM me #FreetheForehead if you want the details on the organic product line, I spoke of to help naturally defy wrinkles on your forehead and your 11.

HAIR 1) Shampoo* 2) Conditioner* 3) Hair Color* 4) Heat Protector* 5) Mousse 6) Gel 7) Hairspray* 8) Dry shampoo FACE CELANING 9) Eye Make-up Remover* 10) Cleanser or soap* 11) Toner 12) Moisturizer* 13) Serums* 14) Under Eye Cream*

FACE MAKE-UP 15) Foundation 16) Contouring (3 shades) 17) Under Eye Coverage 18) Blush* EYES 19) Liquid Eye Liner* 20) Pencil Eye Liner* 21) Eyebrow Pencil / Powder* 22) Eye Shadow (3 shades)* 23) Mascara* 24) False Eyelashes 25) Eyelash Glue

LIPS 26) Lip Base 27) Lip Plumper 28) Lipstick* 29) Lip Liner 30) Lip Gloss BODY 31) Soap* 32) Shower Gel 33) Moisturizer* 34) Lotion 35) Deodorant* 36) Perfume 37) Body Spray 38) Shaving Cream NAILS 39) Nail Polish (base coat, glitter polish, top coat)* 40) Acrylics 41) Gel Powder* 42) Nail Tips 43) Nail Glue HANDS 44) Hand Soap in your home* 45) Sunblock 46) Botox in your hands 47) Moisturizer 48) Dish Soap*

If you would like more information about any of the organic / natural products I use, please find me on Instagram @myrockerbeez to follow me and DM me. This is me, no filter, with my natural, freed forehead.

I USE 24 PRODUCTS EXACTLY HALF! Wow, this was a fun exercise for me. I never added up all my products before this. I think 24 is a lot, still. What’s your number? I want to know! Email me at

Stay healthy, my friends!


Links to my blog of natural products I use that are healthy and organic:

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