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Start Your First Organic Garden

You will need a few things to get started, as I mentioned in my podcast. If you haven't heard it yet, click the tab above. It is Episode 4.

Get seeds, get organic potting soil, use a cardboard egg carton. Honestly, that's it! Put them in a sunny window and water every day until you see sprouts. Once they outgrow these small cartons, you can transfer them into pots or plant them outside. Done! You have a garden. If you think that is too basic, keep reading. There is so much more you can do!


If you want something to have on your kitchen countertop, this is an easy way to start composting. You can capture organic material like eggshells, coffee grounds, banana peels, lettuce leaves, apple cores, or any other fruit and vegetable scraps you end up throwing out in the trash. As long as these scraps are organic, you are well on your way. You can make it into wonderful nutrient-rich soil to be used the following year. Yes, it is a commitment, as it takes one year to reap the reward. But it will be totally worth it since organic soil can be expensive. Here is the link to the countertop bin I use in my kitchen.

After your bin is full, take it out to your yard where you have carved out a patch to accept this organic matter. Here is where the worms have lunch and eat these amazing scraps you are providing. Lay out your food scraps then cover them with leaves. Then cover it with a tarp and you are ready until the next time your bin fills up. Mixing it up each time, and adding leaves, you will have amazing soil a year from now.

What if you live in an apartment with no yard? Don't worry, I got you! Here is a floor model compost bin that is self-containing and does not even need leaves or a yard.

Rain Capture

And if you live in an area where there's lots or rain and you really want to get into reduce, reuse, recycle, here it is! A rain barrel to help you capture all that rain for your garden. This came in handy for me and I no longer have to drag the hose up and down our big yard. My husband hooked it right up to one of our rain gutters. Amazing!

Thanks for reading! And if you have not listened to my podcast about gardening, be sure to click the tab above. Happy planting!

Here is an easy-read article with more details about composting.

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